The Library

I am often amazed by the number of homeschool families that do not use the resource of their local public library. If you are even thinking about homeschooling, you should get acquainted with all that a library has to offer. Many library systems are now offering FREE ebooks and audiobooks through their online services, and there are also great reference sites for students and educators.

My favorite offering is the ability to request and have books delivered to your local library within your county library system. I simply go online, search for the books I need for our studies, request them to be delivered to my library, and pick them up a few days later. With two babies, I don’t have time to go through the rows and rows of books or even the computer catalog. It makes our library times enjoyable as we have freedom to explore and do not waste time trying to locate a certain resource.

Visit your local library, get a library card, and start tapping into this wonderful resource for you and your students!