A Purpose

Reading John 8 (from The Voice scripture project), and I am reminded of how quickly we judge someone’s spiritual walk by their circumstances.  For example, if someone is struggling financially, we often think that they are not doing the will of God.  We believe the spiritual blessings and fruit somehow translate into cash.  In the same way, we often think if someone is always sick, then perhaps they are not walking in favor.  If they would only pray with faith, then they would be whole.  Yes, I think we are often like the Pharisees in this story who had discounted a blind beggar as cursed by God from birth.

Could it be that God is allowing us to struggle in order to have us proclaim His greatness to others?  Could it be that there is a purpose to the pain that others are going through?  Could it be that we are like the Pharisees – making judgment calls and missing out on the miracles?

My desire is that I will no longer stand by and watch others in pain, but I will walk with them with grace and love, trusting God has a purpose through it all.


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