A Summer Fun Night

Upon special request, my husband agreed to take us to a minor league baseball game! He and my daughter were able to see an Atlanta Braves game a few weeks ago, and they had a wonderful time. I think that was one reason why he was OK with taking a weeknight out for fun.
It was a special night as the baseball season was ending soon. It was Zoo Night, which allowed us to get in FREE, and the girls were able to pet a skink and see a kookaburra up close. Also, during the 3rd inning, Dora the Explorer made an appearance for autographs and pics, and the girls enjoyed the giveaways during the change of innings.
The biggest part was in the last inning (that we were there). A foul ball came flying through the air and landed right where the children had been sitting! It was a slow motion experience, and we are thankful that no one was hurt!
What a great night of sharing with friends and enjoying an all-American pasttime!

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