World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

Becoming New York

Learn how New Amsterdam becomes the colony of New York.


  • p. 23-25 about the Dutch surrender in The Thirteen Colonies
  • p. 32-33 in The New Americans
  • Life in New Amsterdam by Laura Fischer

Internet Exploration:

CLICK HERE to explore Early New York with PBS Kids.  Click the image below to go directly to the Peaceful Surrender article:

American Heritage offers a short article:  New Amsterdam Becomes New York



Have your student write a short narration.  I usually require at least 3 sentences at this point.  I allow them to give me basic information about the reading, like “The English took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York.”  It’s not about having a perfectly executed paragraph.  I want to see that they can relate what they’ve learned.

Thirteen Colonies Geography & Memorization:

Color in the colonies of New York and New Jersey on a blank map of the Thirteen Colonies.  Review the colonies you have already colored from previous lessons.

Independent Readings:

The Legend of New Amsterdam by Peter Spier

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