World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

Living in New England Colonies

Take some time to learn about life in the New England colonies.



  • Explore p.29-64 about New England in Colonial Living (We will check out the pictures and read from text to discuss more as students show interest.  Remember that this is about exposure.)
  • p.16-18 in The Thirteen Colonies

Internet Exploration:

Click the image to explore Daily Life in the Colonies:

Click the image for an interactive game about New England life:

Click image below for more games.  Choose “another history feature” for more.

CLICK HERE for a What is It? game.


A review of the New England colonies and how they were founded:


CLICK HERE and scroll down for reading comprehension worksheet and questions about Life in the New England colonies. offers a reading comprehension worksheet as well.

Thirteen Colonies Geography & Memorization:

Color in and label the colonies of New Hampshire & Connecticut on a blank map of the Thirteen Colonies.  Also, color in the state of Maine (the same color as Massachusetts was colored in a previous lesson).  Review location and name of colonies which you have already colored in a previous lesson.

Independent Readings:

Tapestry of Grace offers a worksheet for this reading.

Want More?

Check your local library for videos and books.  I will return to share resources as I discover them.

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