World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

French in North America

Learn about French colonization in North America.



  • p. 42-45 in The New Americans
  • Life in New France by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

Internet Exploration:

CLICK HERE to learn more about French explorers.  This website is packed full of information about what would be come New France.

The University of South Alabama offers links to French Colonies in America. You can explore the websites of these locations or even try to plan a field trip if one is close by!



CLICK HERE to print a French Explorers Guide.  Have students write a few notes about each explorer.

Independent Readings:

Check your local library for resources about French exploration in North America.   Here’s a book we discovered:

Just note that this book has extensive reading passages that may frustrate young readers – might be better as a read aloud over several days.

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