World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

William Penn & Pennsylvania

Let’s learn about William Penn and the founding of Pennsylvania!



  • p. 37-38 in The New Americans
  • p. 25-28 in The Thirteen Colonies
  • p.7-25 in The Pennsylvania Colony
  • p. 99-104 in Colonial Living (explore info and read as students show interest)

Internet Exploration:

Explore this online lesson with your students.  There are interactive maps, videos, and readings as you move through the lesson.  You may have to “logon,” but the resource is free.

William Penn and the Middle Colonies, QL #1264



Click the image to download a worksheet about William Penn from

Thirteen Colonies Geography & Memorization:

Color in the colony of Pennsylvania on a blank map of the Thirteen Colonies.  Review the colonies you have already colored from previous lessons.

Independent Readings:

Check your library for books about this lesson’s topic.  Here are some books we explored:

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