World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

Dutch in North America

Come explore the Dutch’s colonization of North America with us!


  • p. 21-23 about New Amsterdam in The Thirteen Colonies
  • p.12-13 about the Dutch colonies in The New Americans
  • p.24 about New Amsterdam and p.64-76 about New Netherland in Colonial Living
  • p.322 of Usborne World History
  • Life in New Amsterdam by Laura Fischer

Internet Exploration:

Click the image and explore the New Amsterdam History Center with your students:

CLICK HERE to explore the New Netherland Institute’s website with an online history.



Here’s a video produced by high school students, but it is very thorough in its information about Dutch colonization


Reading Comprehension worksheet from (we only printed the story and first few questions on page 3 of download):


( offers lots of printable activities for a very low annual fee.  I feel that it is worth the investment to have access to printable resources.)

Independent Readings:

We will explore this Dutch colony more in future lessons, so we did not have independent readings for this lesson.


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