World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

Rhode Island

Explore the beginnings of the colony and state of Rhode Island!

Rhode Island state flag



  • p. 13-15 about Puritans and Roger Williams in The Thirteen Colonies
  • p.14-17 about religious freedom in The New Americans
  • Finding Providence by Avi

Internet Exploration:

CLICK HERE to explore an activity book produced by the Rhode Island state government. (We explored pages 4-5)


CLICK HERE for my YouTube playlist about Roger Williams and Rhode Island Colony.


Reading Comprehension worksheet from Mr. Nussbaum

Thirteen Colonies Geography & Memorization:

Color in and label the colony of Rhode Island on a blank map of the Thirteen Colonies.  Review location and name of colonies you have colored in previous lessons.

Independent Readings:

You could have your students read Finding Providence independently.

Want More?

Most of the links I have provided in this lesson will lead you to more information about Rhode Island.  I’ll add more here as I discover more.

Don’t forget to check with your local library, too!  Our library had a movie about Roger Williams that we watched.

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