In the "Oven"

My pregnancy with twins was a wonderful experience!  I had family and friends that surrounded me with lots of excitement and support.  That would be my first bit of advice to someone who is pregnant with twins:  develop and expand your relationships.  I needed people to celebrate with me and to encourage me – actually more than I thought.

Almost immediately after discovering that we had TWO in the “oven,” I checked out every book I could find about having multiples.  Yes, I am that kind of person!  I read the stories about chaos and thought “not my home.”  I read the advice about getting help and thought “would be nice to have dinners made, but I can handle it!”  I listened to friends with twins and didn’t believe it.  Yes, I was CLUELESS!!!!

I did do something right.  I ate the right things and stayed active for the first 8 months.  I felt great and gained just what I needed.  The last two weeks were very hard as my body began to buckle under the pressure.  I had the infamous elephant ankles and spent most of the time on the couch with my feet up.  So, if you are pregnant with twins, eat right and stay active as long as you can!  Your days on the couch are just starting!

Such a beautiful time and a wonderful memory to have!  Loved all the attention at the doctor’s office and all the ultrasounds!  Loved being “special” and “different”!  Loved the challenge for the nurse to find the second heartbeat when Baby A was up in my ribs.  Loved feeling the different movements that now I can see reflected in these people in front of me.  Loved the excitement of preparing our home for two babies.  I hope I will always remember…

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