Mom’s Night Out – A MUST for EVERY Mom!

I just got home from a pre-screening of the movie, Mom’s Night Out.  I have never laughed so much at a movie.  Really…

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If you are a mother…if you have a mother…then you MUST see this movie!  My friend and I really believe that the action is not too far off from reality.  Dads may not like the way it portrays their parental giftings, but please step back and let the moms have the limelight just this once!

In the laughter you will find great truth. A truth that I believe every mom needs to hear.  It’s OK to have a beautiful mess, to be a beautiful mess.  Embrace the mess and stop trying to change to fit a mold that is not reality.   Be who you are, have your moments, and love every minute of it!

Especially as a homeschool mom, I am constantly evaluating and adjusting.  Sometimes those adjustments are for the good of my children, but there are moments when I adjust in an effort to be like the inspirational women I see around me.  I forget that I am inspirational.   This movie reminded me that who I am is what I was created to be.

With God,  I am enough.    I don’t need to add anything or adjust to fit into a perfect “mom mold.”  He is using me just the way I am to be just what He created me to be.

So much I want to share about the movie, but you really need to experience yourself!

Give your mother the gift of laughter and the gift to just be who she was created to be!   Movie is released in theatres on May 9, 2014 – just in time to celebrate being a mom!

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