Our First Lapbook

The first week of school was a little crazy. We really tried to complete our TO DO lists each day, but something did always seem to have to be put off for the next day. This was difficult for me, a person who likes to see the list completely checked off!
Our biggest TO DO was quite a feat. We started our science study off with a look at cells. I had decided to have our science work be more crafty and fun this year, and I was really interested in those nifty things called lapbooks. Unfortunately, I could not find any Cell Lapbooks out there (that were free at least), so I had to make up my first one from scratch. Brave, aren’t I?
As you can see, our “lapbook” was more like a decorated folder. My ideas didn’t quite fit the layout of a lapbook, so we just kept the folder in its traditional format. I think the girls enjoyed the craft part, except my youngest daughter kept begging to use a stapler! Oh, well, we survived, and I am looking forward to doing another one on Egyptian mummies soon!

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