Remembering Grandma

Today my grandma passed away and is now probably snuggled up enjoying the peace of her Savior.

My grandmother was a constant throughout my childhood. She was always there, she was always the same—strong, loving, caring. I know you all think you have the best grandma, but I am sorry to say that it was truly ME that had the BEST!!!

I do not want to ever forget her precious notes and the poems she would collect and send. She had this uncanny way of saying what you needed to hear when you needed it.

In the midst of much chaos, she always stood firm in her faith. I loved visiting her and going to church with her. She would play the piano, teach classes, and was a strong supporter of her church. We loved going to Vacation Bible School with her.

She also supported me in my adventures. She encouraged me in the talents that God had given, and she was even there for the birth of my first child (which involved a plane trip across country)!

I will miss her greatly, and I truly hope to follow her example in faithfulness.

I love you, Grandma! I can’t wait to celebrate with you in heaven one day!


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