This is a post from the Alabama Homeschooling Network that some of my friends wanted me to post here. I wrote it in response to the question: “What about socialization?”

“I think it is important that we are connected in relationship with other people. My children and I actively pursue opportunities to be with other people. I want my children to value friendships and know how to be a friend. This will help them not only in daily life, but also in work environments.

The ‘socialization’ that the general public is discussing is the lack of communication skills and relationship skills that come from being isolated or put in a closed environment. Surprise! Homeschooling families are not isolated any more! We are definitely not in a closed environment either! We are in your face, and our children will take over the world!

Now, we (homeschool families) need to look at the general public and ask, ‘Why do you send your children to public school? Aren’t you worried about their socialization?'”

Hopefully, this will somehow ease your mind about the “socialization” of homeschool children!

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