Sunflower Seeds

How many seeds do you think are in one sunflower?
Well, being the great homeschool mom that I am (HA HA), I decided to take a dead sunflower and show my girls the seeds that were now tucked inside the flower. We have been studying plants and flowers, and I was hoping that this would give them a good visual.
Of course, they were amazed by the seeds and wanted to count them. So, I said, “Sure”, and promptly turned around to clean some dirty dishes.
My daughter kept pulling out seeds, and she finally reached the last one to announce that there were 132! I was then the one amazed and even excited. How awesome that one flower can produce that many seeds!

The girls and I decided to save the seeds for the spring, instead of eating them. Won’t it be great to see what comes from that ONE flower? It could be ten or more flowers that will then produce their own set of 130 seeds. I may have a sunflower farm before long!
Seriously, this does make me think of us as Christians. Shouldn’t we be reproducing? How many seeds will we leave behind?

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