Vote Responsibly

OK, I am trying to be a responsible citizen. I am trying to listen to the candidates and weed out the Truth amidst the mud-slinging. It is hard work! It is not easy to vote responsibly. It would be easier to just say “well, I just don’t know, so I will not vote. My vote doesn’t really count anyway. Isn’t there that electoral college thing still?”

I am reminded though by some “inner voice” (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit) that I have been given a gift – a voice, a vote, a choice, a chance to be involved and be heard. Am I going to let that gift just go by when there are others on this planet that would die to be where I am, to have the opportunity? I can’t be slack or be lazy. I must somehow push through the junk and find the Truth.

How? How do I find the Truth? I go to my source of Truth. I go to my Savior, my Lord, my Father. He is the One that exhibits only Truth. I must trust His guidance and know that He will bring revelation.

So, how do I vote responsibly? I pray, research, pray, watch, pray, and listen for His voice. I hope you will do the same!

Vote, if only for the sake of the millions that would literally die to be in your shoes!

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