What is a Steward?

During baby dedication yesterday, our pastor said something that really stuck out to me. He was encouraging the parents to recognize that children belong to God, and we as parents are just the “stewards” of these gifts. Ok, so what is a “steward”? According to Webster’s, it is a person who directs the affairs and/or supervises the food/drink—basically, someone who takes care of the thing that is stewarded.

I want to use this statement to encourage you to continue your good work as a “steward” in the life of your children. Don’t let anyone make you think that you are too involved in your children’s lives! Don’t let anyone else make you believe that you do not know what is best for your children! God has ordained, assigned, and given you a gift to manage, direct, and supervise. He could have easily given your child to the neighbor or the government, BUT he didn’t! He knew that you had the tools and the wisdom needed, especially as you depended on Him.

Yes, you need to also remember that your child belongs to God, and there are times when you need to trust when it is time to put him/her in His hands for safekeeping. This is why it is so important to have a relationship with Him, so you can distinguish between His leading and others’ opinions.

Stand firm in your beliefs, and know that you and your children will be rewarded as you steward with dependency on God.

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