Who’s The Boss?

Who is making decisions about the educational needs of your children?OK…not really, but some days it feels like it, huh?  And, this is a good topic for parenting, but we are talking about school choice this week…

When it comes to choosing your child’s school, perhaps we should start by asking, “Who’s the boss?”

At my homeschooling workshops, the topic I address after knowing your why is knowing your legal rights.  Education is regulated and compulsory for all American children.  But, there are lots of ways to meet the legal requirements.

As you consider schools and educational options for your children, make sure you look at the school or option to discover who’s the boss—who will make the calls about the educational needs of your students.

When you leave your child at a school building, you are leaving them in the care of the teachers and administration. You are giving them responsibility and authority in your student’s life.  So, shouldn’t you consider who these people are and what their goals will be for your children?

Homeschooling actually eliminates the need to answer the question, because mom and dad are the “boss.”  But, even homeschoolers have options of co-ops or classes that also put education in the hands of others.

Do you remember to consider “who’s the boss” when making decisions about your child’s education?