Wherever You Are, Be There

Be There is the Key
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Wherever You Are, Be There

I wish I could remember who told me this in college.  It is probably one of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever received.

I remember struggling with a college courseload.  It was so hard  to sit through a class when I knew I was about to take an important exam in the next hour.  Shouldn’t I be cramming that last bit of info into my brain?

The class happening right then was important too.  I needed to understand the information shared. Be ready for its exam.  I needed to be in that class at that moment.

I believe “being there” in the now is a key, a golden nugget, a treasure for all of us.

When You Aren’t BEING

As an adult, I easily get caught up in the things that must be done.  I forget to BE there in the doing.

We’ve all seen it — you are talking to the top of someone’s head as they text a reply to another conversation.  Instead of being where they are, they are trying to be everywhere at one time!

We've all been there
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Let’s change that!

Let’s start being where we are.

If you are washing the dishes, wash those dishes with all you’ve got!

If you are homeschooling, sit at the table with your kids rather than in front of the computer screen. (Ouch, that hurt…)

If you are with a friend, put your phone away and focus on the conversation.

If you are at the dinner table, engage your family in meaningful thoughts.

If you are driving, watch the road.


Wherever You Are, Be There


Do we want to change the world?  I think this is the key!


Don’t be discouraged.  You won’t be washing dishes, driving, or even homeschooling forever. These are just moments in our life.  The moments quickly change.

In college, I had to learn to let go of my worries about the exam in the next class and focus on the moment.

In life, I must do the same thing.  BE in the moment.  BE in the doing.  BE where I am.

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