Total Language Plus {Curriculum Review}

Books…books…books! We love books! My house is filled with books. I find that most homeschool moms are secret librarians at heart.

Literature to be Explored!

I often find that I don’t use my books in homeschooling though. I purchase a book with great hopes for its educational purpose. I dream of the fun we can have exploring literature. Unfortunately, that is mainly what I end up doing…dreaming.

Total Language Plus

Then, I was introduced to Total Language Plus, a language arts curriculum based on great literature. We started by using the Christmas Volume I study guide.  We put our spelling, vocabulary, and grammar studies to the side to use the language arts and reading comprehension activities.

Sample Page from Total Language Plus

In every study guide I’ve used, I’ve found the same resources:

  • reading comprehension questions for each chapter,
  • vocabulary list for each chapter,
  • spelling/vocabulary activities (i.e.  crossword, matching, context clues exercises),
  • grammar/dictation sheet,
  • writing ideas,
  • and hands-on project ideas.

Click here to see some other sample pages.

So, I’ve started to pop in at least one study guide into our lessons each school year.  We just finished reading Adam of the Road and using the study guide.  My daughter loved the break from the norm and enjoyed a different focus on reading and vocabulary.  I haven’t used many of the writing or hands-on ideas, but I know it’s there if I need it!

I do wish that they had more selection, and it would be nice to have something for the younger ones.  But, what they offer is good quality.

So, want to make use of those books sitting on your shelf?  Get a study guide from Total Language Plus and enjoy the literature experience with your children!

Let’s Chat:   Do you also have a collection of books that are not being explored like you dreamed?  Click here to share your thoughts.

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