Where the Wild Things Are

Where are the wild things?  In my home!

Image courtesy of anankkml/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of anankkml/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Yesterday, I had one of THOSE days.  I do not know where my sweet little ones went, but wild things definitely took their place.

The crib became a cage for the wild things.  Over and over again.  All morning long.

Even my husband went away and was replaced by a disapproving zookeeper.  I tried to share my emotions and my struggles to keep the wild things under control.  I did not receive the sympathy I yearned for.

I finally let the tears roll into the kitchen sink.  I have learned that crying releases so much in me, so I make no apologies.   My thoughts pray for help.

One of the wild things goes crazy, and I must take it to the cage.  Somehow the cage helps the wild things regain their sanity.  I cry, and I remember a song by Matthew West:

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I remember that I am not strong enough.  That I need Him for even the simple things.  Especially when the wild things invade!

I start to breathe more normally.  The tears have washed away the frustration and brought resolve to care for the wild things just like I care for my sweet little ones.

Naptime arrives and the house gets quiet.  I am renewed and refreshed.

By dinner, my sweet little ones come back home.  My caring husband holds me.

God was strong enough.  God was there.  God never changed.

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