This week has been filled with activity. We started the New to Homeschooling group meetings on Monday evening, and I was so excited to share with these wonderful moms. These women are really taking huge steps of faith, and I know that God will bless them and lead them!

My husband was out of town, so the girls and I spent the night with my mother. The next day we took my niece and went to see Alvin & The Chipmunks for FREE at the movies. We met up with several other homeschool families, and we spent at least 30 minutes afterwards in the lobby just catching up from our break of activities. I didn’t want to leave!

The girls and I arrived home, and we had to get out a new $1 sprinkler we found at Target. Before we found a way to break it, the girls had a great time jumping through it:

I let the girls stay up watching movies until midnight (really a way to not have to deal with whining). The next day we went to the library for the summer reading program. This is one of the things that I emphasize greatly in the summer: READING!

The fire department was there! We had missed the fire department field trip this year, so the girls were able to go through the fire truck and see the fireman in his gear.

We met my mom at the mall and after wandering about (finding a great deal on jeans and discovering some American Girl dolls at the bookstore), we decided to the eat at Five Guys burger place. It was a wonderful burger!

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