Busy, Busy, Busy

What a busy weekend! It started with a 4 hour park day which was wonderful, but a little hot; then, we transitioned into an evening birthday party. We got up on Saturday morning and started with another 4 hour outdoor activity—soccer! I then helped my sister with her baby registry and came home that evening to prepare for today.

Today has been absolutely wonderful! I was up early and went to church to set up the information for our homeschool small group. I was given the opportunity to lead the choir in a warmup before service, and the worship was energizing! I came out to see that 6 new families had signed up for our group—how exciting! I just kept on meeting new families, and it was very encouraging to see God’s leading.

After church I was able to meet my parents for lunch and we had a wonderful time of sharing. Then, I went to the grocery store. When I arrived home, my husband and I (and our ladies) majorly cleaned the cars. I forgot dinner, and now I see that it is already bedtime.

Thank you Lord for busy times that are productive and fulfilling. Help me to relax in the busy times and see Your hand in my activities.

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