How Good!

I lead a small group at Church of the Highlands, and some of the ladies in my group asked me to make another post. It was sad to think how I have not kept up with this place in my life!

So, here I go trying to get here again:

Today, my daughters and I were reading our Bible reading, and we read Psalm 133. This psalm starts with “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” I have been trying to refocus my attention on my small group, and this seemed so fitting as we are off this afternoon for another small group event.

It is good and pleasant to be around people who have the same goals and also people who are willing to challenge and encourage you even if it means getting me out of my box—like keeping up with my blog!

The psalm goes on to describe in Biblical terms what that looks like.
Anointing Oil – It is like being covered with the presence of God—pretty cool, huh?
Refreshing Dew – It is like being renewed, re-energized!

I must make sure that I stay connected and not let myself become withdrawn. On top of all the wonderful feelings being with others brings, it also brings the blessings of God and life eternal.

Read this short psalm and post your comments here!

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