Just Breathe

OK, life in my family is not perfect, and yesterday was the perfect example!

I woke up after a tossing and turning night, read my Bible and even did some toning exercises! It was a great start! My husband and oldest daughter woke up to find me fixing eggs, bacon and toast. (This is WAY out of the norm!) Needless to say, I was very proud of the way my day was going.

I gently entered my youngest daughter’s room and told her that breakfast was on the table—sure that the news would get her jumping. This is where it began—she refused to get out of bed and when she did, she just lay on the floor complaining about her legs hurting. I gave her about an hour to actually get up, and when I went in to encourage her for the last time, she began to cry and refused to do what she was told. This gave her some “quiet time” in her room for another hour—in the bed, no toys, just loud wailing.

I was determined to not let that affect my wonderful day, so my oldest daughter and I started with her schoolwork. Her first task was a math test, and this test took about 45 minutes to complete (only 15 problems). By the time she was finished with her test, it was 11am, and I had just gotten my youngest daughter out of bed and fed. I graded my oldest’s test, and she had done an awful job. And, I started her on some computer reviews while I settled my youngest into her simple “schoolwork”.

Now my youngest was out of her awful mood, and she was ready to conquer the day. Of course, now my day was totally thrown because we were supposed to already have conquered the day by noon. And now, my oldest was in tears over her grammar work!

I was reminded that I needed to just breathe (you know, count to 10 under your breath) and be still and know that God was in control. It was hard not to hit the counter in frustration or start telling everyone to just go to their rooms. I needed to trust God even in the midst of all this craziness.

Somehow we made it through the day. I can’t say that I understand all that happened or even if it was all “fixed”, but I am SURE that TODAY will be another PERFECT day! I only need to just breathe!

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